A downloadable game for Windows

Fling your fruit to save your home! Kill all of the invading minions before they reach your catapult.

Before Firing:

Left Arrow/Right Arrow or A/D: Move the catapult side to side

Spacebar: Fire

After Firing:

Left Arrow/Right Arrow or A/D: Steer fruit with aftertouch

B: Abort the shot by detonating the fruit


FruitFlinger-v1.zip 18 MB


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Hitting the sweet spot is not easy, but getting some hits felt so satisfactory

Quite basic game, but very interesting in execution, even tough it's hard as nails. The sounds were very weird at times, but I must say, I laughed at the voice overs.

It's very hard to hit enemies as it is, specially since they're constantly moving. I believe this could have benefited from options for fine tuning the power of the shot rather than timing, trial and error. Still tho, landing a shot made me feel so good.

Anyhow, congratulations on making it through the jam! Fruit Flinger is well worth checking out. [My team](discord.whalesandgames.com) salutes you and wishes to see more from you in the future. Cheers!